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Empyre Pro Series

Indoor wood gasification boiler

- Hot Air with Heat Exchanger

Gasification Indoor Wood BoilerAbout the Empyre Elite Gasification Wood Boiler

Empyre Elite indoor wood boilers deliver all the comfort and convenience of conventional furnaces while protecting the environment for the next generation to enjoy. Empyre Elite furnaces combine high efficiency heating technology and low emission smoke-free combustion with a readily accessible and renewable fuel to make wood the heating choice of the future.

How it Works

The Empyre Elite uses a process called wood gasification to produce highly efficient combustion in the furnace’s dual burn chambers. Wood in the firebox burns from the bottom up, drying the top layer of wood in the firebox and pushing gases and exhaust into the lower burn chamber. In the lower chamber, temperatures as high as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit burn all the gases produced in the first stage of combustion. The fire brick lining in both burn chambers absorbs the heat and maintains burn chamber temperatures for consistent combustion. This high temperature gasification significantly lowers emissions, prevents creosote buildup, and minimizes ash buildup in the furnace. After passing through the burn chamber, exhaust air is forced through multiple flues running through the water jacket, heating the water quickly and efficiently. Indoor wood boilers deliver extremely comforting heat!

Simple Operation & Maintenance

Heat ExchangerEmpyre Elite is a revolution in indoor wood furnace systems.  It operates best with large diameter logs a few inches shorter than the length of the firebox, so there is no need to split wood or cut it into short lengths. The wide loading door makes loading quick and simple. With new clean-burning technology, the Empyre Elite does most of the work - combustion and cleaning. When necessary, ash is easily swept from the lower burn chamber into the furnace width ash pan. The Elite’s Easy Flue design and the flue cleaning rod (included) makes sweeping out the flues a quick and simple process. The Empyre Elite is easy to integrate into practically any home’s existing heating system. It can be installed into a 6” chimney liner and connects to floor heat or existing duct work with a water to air heat exchanger.

WOOD-ELECTRIC HYBRID Electric Element Option

One feature that truly makes the Empyre Elite “elite” is the Electric Element Option. These easy to install electric elements make the Empyre Elite a versatile, convenient and cost effective alternative to fossil fuels. Instead of forcing homeowners to plan their lifestyles around their indoor or outside wood boiler, the Empyre Elite Electric Element Unit makes wood heating a practical option.

Simple Operation: The Electric Element Option has its own programmable temperature controller. Separate toggle switches for the furnace and the electric element allow you to heat exclusively with wood or with electricity, or to set the electric elements to start automatically when the furnace runs out of wood.

Simple Installation: Standard Empyre Elite models are equipped with electric element ports, making installation a simple process. Empyre Elite units can be ordered with the Electric Element Option factory installed or order it as an add-on to an existing Empyre Elite boiler.

Safety: The Empyre Elite Electric Element Unit has been tested and approved to UL 834 Standard and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 165-92 safety standards for installation exclusively on the Empyre Elite 100.

Flexibility: The Electric Element Option offers complete control over the heat source by allowing the operator to choose a single heat source - either electric or wood - or set one to serve as backup to the other. With separate control panels, keep your home at a cooler temperature when you are away, but at higher temperatures when you are at home. Or save the electric element for the summer months when you need minimal heat for domestic hot water.


Empyre Elite 100 Imperial Metric
Heat Output (Peak)* 125,000 BTU/hr 37.0 kW/hr
Heat Output (8 Hour Burn)* 66,000 BTU/hr 19.3 kW/hr
Heat Output (12 Hour Burn)* 45,000 BTU/hr 13.2 kW/hr
Log Length 24" 61 cm
Log Diameter 6" 15 cm
Loading Door Opening 16" x 14" 41 x 36 cm
Furnace Width 28" 71 cm
Furnace Weight 945 lb 429 kg
Furnace Length 52" 132 cm
Furnace Height 48" 122 cm
Flue Collar Diameter 6" 15 cm
Firebox Volume 6.1 cu. ft 173 L
Firebox Dimensions 19w x 21h x 28d in 48w x 53h x 71d cm
Water Capacity 60 US Gal. 227 L
EPA White Tag Qualified YES YES

*Results may vary based on fuel type, moisture and quality.
Product specifications and appearance subject to change.

Note that the Empyre Elite is a non-pressurized open hydronic system.


SP8500 Multi-fuel Furnace

This furnace is able to burn pellets, corn, and other fuels. With twin blowers and up to 105,000 BTUs, the 8500 will heat a home up to 3,000 sq. ft. The furnace is designed to use in conjunction with your existing HVAC ductwork and works side by side with your existing furnace.

Standard Features:

Providing comforting heat for up to 3,000 sq. ft.
Holds up 320 pounds of fuel
Heavy steel construction
One touch digital control board
Cast iron front door
Dual blowers
Large and easily accessible ash drawer
Brushed nickel handles


Hopper Capacity
320 lbs
Dual 800 CFM Bloweres




BTU's per hour
Up to 105,000
EPA Status
Approved Installation
Add on to your existing HVAC

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