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Pacific EnergySteel Wood Stove inserts

The Super Insert - NEW!

Super Insert Efficiency (LHV)

The Super Insert offers same great features and performance of the Pacific Insert but with a more refined look and designed to fit tighter fireplaces. The Super Insert, with its large ceramic glass door, gives you the full comfort and view of your log fire. Transform your drafty fireplace in an easy-to-light, easy-to-load reliable source of heat with the convenience of one-touch adjustable temperature control.




* Reliable, durable, non-catalytic technology
* Multi-port combustion air injection system
* User friendly one-touch operation
* Air wash system for super clean ceramic glass
* 304 Stainless Steel baffle, insulation cover, rails and flame shield
* Easy installation
* Floating firebox components
* Straight-in loading
* Temperature actuated 160 cfm variable speed blowers


* Two door styles Arched or Radiant, available in Gold, Nickle, Brushed Nickle or
   Metallic Black
* Embossed surround - Standard size (29”hx 42 3/4”w)
* Plain Surround - Oversized (33”hx 443/8”w)
* Surround trim in Gold, Nickle or Metallic Black


* Wood Stove Screen Door

For Heating up to 2000 Sq ft.

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