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Merit™ Plus Series Electric Fireplace

Merit Plus Series Electric Fireplace

The Merit™ Plus Series 27-inch electric fireplaces offer individuals who love the beauty and warmth of a true fire, but don't have the extra space for a fireplace installation. The MPE-27 electric fireplace is LHPs answer to automatic home comfort with simple plug-and-play set up and easy installation capabilities.

MPE-27 Electric FireplaceAesthetics

• A realistic fire image, featuring exclusive Lennox Glowing
   Ember Crystals.
• Charred Split Oak log set.
• A sleek, modern chassis with an arresting bronze-tinted
   flush panel glass door.


• To ensure room temperatures stay consistent, the three-setting built-in thermostat cycles the standard 5,000 BTU heater/blower on and off, keeping you warm and comfortable on a chilly day.

Ease of Operation

• The Merit Plus MPE-27s standard, plug-in ready, three-pronged 110V grounded
    power cord makes installation fast and easy.
• Operation of the fireplace is also made simple with an On/Off switch mounted on the

Design Versatility

• Design options include a cabinet surround kit in Honey Oak finish.

Fuel: Electric
Venting: No venting required
View Style: Front View
Sizes: 27"
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
Options: Mantel Surround Kit
   • Honey Oak finish

Classic Styling
Beautifully authentic — The Allura-Fire model's decorative arched face and sandstone refractory brick sides bring a level of detail that turns this home heater into a work of art.
Included Remote Control
Convenience at your fingertips — Set the flame height and intensity, fan speed, and even turn on the included overhead light with this all-in-one control system.
Up to 10,000 BTUs
Warmth and comfort — These electric fireplaces deliver up to 10,000 BTUs, so you'll stay nice and warm while efficiently heating the room to help lower heating costs.


33" 36"


Max BTUs/hr ----10,000

1Watts ----- 1,500-3,000

Volts ----- 120V-240V

ACAmps ----- 15-20A


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