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loveless ash vacuums

Thank you for your inquiry concerning our Ash Removal Systems. This is an innovative way of removing ashes from wood stoves, fireplaces and pellet stoves without getting dust in your home, as in the case with the conventional method of a shovel and bucket.

The CHEETAH II and the COUGAR ash vacuums can safely store up to three gallons of ash at a time. The Cougar has a noise level of 82 decibels and the Cheetah II is rated at 93 decibels, making either one an attractive vacuum to have around the home.

Both ash vac models are equipped with a fire resistant primary filter, a flexible metal hose and a 6 amp motor. The nozzle is restricted so that only ash and very small particles enter the unit. The ash does not go into a filter bag; it is contained in the steel and trapped on the outside of our filter. A feature that we feel is very important to understand with all our units, is that yu can clen the filters without taking the lid off. By removing the cleaning rod cover, which exposes a rod connected to a filter support basket, and shaking that rod from side to side, the ash is dislodged from the outside of the primary filter and falls to the bottom of the barrel. The secondary filter is mounted on springs, and as the primary filter is being cleaned, the secondary filter is also being agitated. This substntially extends the time before the secondary filter will need to be cleaned.

This can be done without getting any dust in the home annd may be done repeatedly without needing to replace the filters. After a period of time (60-80 gallons of ash has been removed) the secondary filter will need to be cleaned. This is accomplished by simply removing the primary filter and vacuuming the ash off the secondary filter, then replacing the primary filter. To complete this cleaning, usually there aren't any parts replaced!  

  Cheetah Model MU305

If you have ever tried to vacuum out your ashes with a vacuum cleaner only to turn around when you are done to see a cloud of ash hovering around your head then you have come to the right spot. The Cougar MU405 is the Cadillac of Ash Vacuums. With its Quiet design and powerful motor this is the vacuum of choice

These vacuums are specifically designed to remove warm to cold ash from wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces and barbecues. There is a definite, simple technique to use for best results.

  • Patented double filter system
  • Comes complete with a FIRE RETARDANT PRIMARY FILTER.
  • Cleaning rod and pliable filters allow cleaning without removing the lid.
  • 5 ft. FLAME RETARDANT HOSE allows ash to pass through the hose to the canister without damage to the hose.
  • Designed for conventional stoves and fireplaces as well as pellet and corn burning stoves.

Please call for pricing.

Cougar Ash Vacuum

is designed for removing ash from wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, and barbecues.

Please call for pricing.


Our vacuums are designed to filter out very fine dust. This is usually a problem with the wet/dry vacuums that are available on the market today. when comparing our features and benefits to other models you will see what a value these vacuums are.
Better by design.

Benefits include:

  • Will not exhaust dust
  • No need to change filters when changing from wet to dry pick up
  • Filters can be cleaned without removing the lid
  • Excellent on very fine dust
  • regulated drain from a drop to full flow
  • All tools stored on the vacuum
  • Automatic shut off for wet pickups
  • Patented double filter system

Model 16002
Wet/Dry & Drywall

The 16002 is the vacuum of choice when you want performance and noise is not an issue. Features our patented filtration and up graded hose. Please call for pricing.
Model 16003
"Dustless" Wet/Dry

The 16003 is the top of the line vacuum offered by Love-Less Ash Company. Featuring a Quiet design and an up graded hose, this is the vacuum of choice for contractors and remodelers.
Please call for pricing.
Model 16004QV
"Dustless" Wet/Dry & Drywall

The 16004QV is the top of the line vacuum offered by Love-Less Ash Company.
Featuring a Quiet design and an up graded hose, this is the vacuum of choice.
Please call for pricing.
Model 16006
"Dustless" HEPA VACUUM

The 16006 HEPA Certified Filter. Quiet design at only 81 decibels. Use Micro Prefilter #13141 to enhance HEPA Filter performance, Features our patented filtration.

Please call for pricing.

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