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advantages Anthracite – Rice coal burning boiler furnaces

United States anthracite, or rice coal comes almost exclusively from eastern Pennsylvania, which holds about 7 billion tons of mineable anthracite coal reserves.

There are many different ranks of coal. Anthracite is the highest rank of all coals. It is a high carbon, low sulfur and high BTU coal. Anthracite is a "smokeless" fuel, unlike some of the lower grades of coal. It burns cleaner, hotter and longer than any other coal. These properties make it ideal for home heating use. With a rice coal furnace, you will be able to enjoy te inexpensive cost of coal for most of the year and the convenience of gas or oil if you will be unable to attend your furnaces for an extended period of time.

America's energy source for comfort, economy and
environmental consciousness, making us less dependent
on foreign fuel products

Click here for more information on coal stoves.

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