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coal clean burning stoves

    Keystoker Stove 90/105
    75,000 Baywindow
    Hearth 90 & ZC


It's easy to turn the 90.000 and 105,000 stoves into a mini furnace.
Air can be directed into another room with the addition of a 6" or 8" vent opening on top of stove. Blower CFM's can be increased from 265 to 350 on 90,000;
from 350 to 500 on 105,000.

Direct Vent
A cost saving benefit for homes without chimneys is Keystoker's direct vent models. A small vent through an exterior wall is sufficient to exhaust combustion gases produced by the stove.

75,000 Baywindow

Hearth 90 & ZC




Features and Specifications:

  • Constructed of heavy gauge American steel, cast iron grate, ash door, and fire door
  • Available in 70,000 BTU, 90,000 BTU, and 105,000 BTU ratings
  • 265 CFM or 320 CFM convection blowers available
  • Burns anthracite coal -- rice or buckwheat
  • Operation is fully automatic -- no need to shake grate or shovel ashes
  • Heat output controlled by room thermostat or available Dial-A-Heat Control
  • Designed for chimney or direct vent installation
  • Shipped completely assembled with supplied carbon monoxide detector
  • Available in direct vent models
  • 10 year stove warranty
  • Approved for use in mobile homes


  • 6-inch or 8-inch top convection air vents
  • Coil for domestic hot water tank hookups




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